Seldovia Summer Solstice Music Festival
June 21st - 24th, 2018

Now into its’ 19th year, the Seldovia Summer Solstice Music Festival will again be celebrating a wide cast of accomplished performers who will travel to Seldovia to experience this unique town we call home!  Headliners for this year’s festival are Reggie Garret and The SnakeOil Peddlers, and The Resonant Rogues. (See bios attached)

Seldovia’s four-day event features performances on the main stage, as well as throughout the community, and festival attendees have many opportunities to interact and participate with the musicians throughout the weekend. (See schedule attached)

A perfect accompaniment to the festival highlights is “Higgy’s En Plein Air”, an open air art experience now in its fifth year.  An event that invites local and visiting artists to spend the weekend creating pieces depicting their impressions of our beautiful town and its surroundings through their favorite mediums.

This year we will be featuring visiting headlining artist Deland Anderson of Homer, a Mishkalo artist who does dot painting inspired by the Australian aboriginal style, and local headliner Sandee Elsvaas, watercolor and polymer clay artist. Many of the featured guests and other artists’ renditions of the area will be for sale at our silent auction and exhibition on Sunday afternoon.

All of this takes place in the beautiful setting that is Seldovia. The midnight sun beckons visitors to hike both our meandering and challenging trails, explore tide pools for sea urchins, sea stars, and sea glass, or just stroll through the town, harbor, and boardwalk enjoying the sights of the boats coming and going.  Listen to the sounds of the gulls and eagles dancing for their food against the magnificent mountains that provide a backdrop for Seldovia.  The town’s motto is: “You Otter Be Here”, so if you are lucky, you might just see a few of these furry critters playing near the beaches or in the harbor.


Reggie Garrett
and the SnakeOil Peddlers


Based in Seattle, Washington, Reggie Garrett has been performing throughout the Western U.S. and Canada for a number of years showcasing mostly original songs mixed with pop covers and more traditional style folk ballads. He is the purveyor of a unique urban strain of acoustic folk music incorporating a number of diverse influences, including: Latin rhythms, blues, gospel, Celtic and more. The result is a musical blend that has excited and touched audiences throughout the Northwest.

The sound has strong rhythmic underpinnings, beginning with Garrett's almost percussive guitar style. The guitar work spans the gamut from folk/Latin/blues rhythms to even more personal styles. His singing reflects the folk/rock/gospel traditions with which he grew up.
He has been compared to acoustic legends Richie Havens and Bill Withers by none other than the national folk publication Dirty Linen. As a songwriter Garrett's specialty is creating and enhancing a mood. In this regard his work has been compared to that of
Bob Dylan.

As the founder of the SnakeOil Peddlers (his acoustic performing ensemble including Will Down and Paul Benoit) Garrett has been performing in the acoustic medium for over six years. Reggie Garrett & the SnakeOil Peddlers travel and perform regularly as an acoustic trio. From Pistol River, OR to Pocatello, ID; from Duncan, BC Canada to Metaline Falls, WA the group has delighted audiences of all ages.

In addition to a history of fine live performances, Reggie Garrett has two CD releases to his credit. "Welcome to My World" (1991, SnakeOil Productions) and “Time Stands Still" (1995, Wonder Dog Records) were both recorded with his SnakeOil Peddlers ensembles and display his range of musical styles and influences. Both have been favorably received. "Time Stands Still" in particular has found its way onto a number of AAA (and other) radio playlists throughout the western U.S.

The Resonant Rouges

The Resonant Rogues, based out of Asheville, NC, is the songwriting soul child of partners Sparrow and Keith J. Smith. They are joined by Kristen Harris on fiddle and Andrew Willens on upright bass. With influences that include Appalachian old-time, Balkan folk music, Swing Manouche, and early New Orleans Jazz, they take their favorite flavors and blend them into a delicious, danceable dish.

What's special about the Resonant Rouges is the utter effortlessness with which they move through their styles. Their intense cohesion is so intertwined that it feels like they're playing with one pair of hands. Harmonies seem to pour from one set of lungs. On the street, you might think they're a quartet of hipster kids. Onstage, the fluency they wield for their crafts is impressive, in that understated kind of "come close and listen up," kind of way. No doubt a thing they've honed playing on the street. But while some busking just doesn't translate into a listening room, these guys bring the spirits of Django Reinhart and Squirrel Nut Zippers along to mingle throughout their set.

The Resonant Rogues have toured relentlessly over their five-year history, covering most of North America and Europe. Despite that lively sonic wanderlust, the Rogues manage never to stray too far from home, grounding their globetrotting sound in rustic Appalachian roots. Their latest record, “Hands in the Dirt”, landed at #18 on the Folk Radio DJ Music Charts, and is available on Bandcamp, ITunes, CDBaby, Amazon, Spotify, etc. “Here & Gone Again”, a new album, is a worldly affair. The record draws on elements of Balkan music, French manouche and traditional New Orleans jazz.

Goats with Headlamps
Clever Music for Wild People

Goats with Headlamps is a band from Kauai with eclectic tastes and wild imaginations. After falling in love with Alaska on one of their tours they decided to make it their
second home.

Goats with Headlamps, as their title suggests, are no goats of the ordinary kind.
They have such a wide range of genres that they cannot be put into one. The two wild minds behind Goats with Headlamps are Becca Smith and Brett Alan Rouse, two prolific songwriters melded into a musical frenzy. From the coffeehouse to the arena, they bring interesting hooks and time changes with a nod to the masters. These are the B-sides for music lovers that remember good music. If you like quirky, sexy and a little bit rugged, you’re going to love this. They are currently working on the their second full album which was inspired by their adventures in Alaska.

Garrett James Mayer

Garrett James Mayer began piano lessons when he was 8 years old. At a young age he quickly found his passion for performing and writing music. In the following years Garrett became involved in various bands and school ensembles; often called upon to play drums, bass, guitar or piano depending on the need. In 2008-2011 Garrett studied as composition major at the Berklee College of Music. Incidentally, during that time he also got his education in jazz. In 2012 Garrett founded Royal Pavilion Studios. He has since made a living as a private music teacher with an emphasis on composition and jazz. He is also a local piano technician. Garrett currently lives in Soldotna, Alaska, with his wife and two children.

The Pepper Shakers

Robert is a self-taught guitarist who had an affinity for Chicago style blues and has incorporated original songs, Bakersfield country, surf instrumentals and the blues into a gumbo of six string fun. He will be joined by his son Chris who adds to the vocal duo with his own rendition of favorite originals and classics.
They have played at festivals, weddings, road houses, bar mitzvah’s and charity events, performing original songs and cover tunes. They both have affinity for The Beatles, The Blues, Surf Music, Classic Rock and Soul!

Recess Duty

Recess Duty is a band made up of current and retired music teachers from the Kenai/Soldotna area who wanted to create an outlet for themselves to continue making music and to live the mantra of “music is a lifelong pursuit.” They perform a variety of covers and original music in a fold rock acoustic style with great vocal

Kent Peterson, guitar, harmonica, and vocals, is the director of the bands and choirs at Soldotna’s High Schools. Kent has been in almost every performing group in the area, playing tuba, trombone, bass, or conducting.  He also is an accomplished song writer, and you will hear Recess Duty performing many of his works.

Jeanne Duhan, guitar and vocals, is a retired KPBSD music teacher and band director.  She is also a member of many performing groups, playing French horn, trumpet, and flute. She started singing in public at the age of 12, gigging with her dad.

Tammy Vollom-Matturro, cajone and percussion, is a retired KPBSD music teacher.  She currently conducts the Kenai Peninsula Orchestra and the Redoubt Chamber Orchestra. Tammy also plays clarinet, saxophone, and flute in various music groups.

Daryl And The Scribs

Daryl And The Scribs are a local rock band straight from the musical scene of Seldovia. Guitarist and vocalist Samuel Scribner, bassist Daryl Wheeler, and drummer Zack Scribner are the members of this musically talented trio. Influences for The Scribs and Daryl come from the Beatles, Justin Bieber, Led Zeppelin, and Tibetan throat singing. Their performance will consist of a mix of cover songs, and original compositions.

Opening Acts
Mossy Raven

Mossy Raven is the moniker for the independent artistic endeavors of Seattle based musician Steven Moore. Inspired by a life nestled between mountains and the sea, Steven writes beautiful compositions that bring the listener closer to nature and the most beautiful parts of their imagination. Having grown up on the Olympic Peninsula, Steven is no stranger to the endless wonders contained within the wild landscapes of the American West. This passion has taken him to Alaska where he hopes to continue developing his art and make lasting memories in the last frontier. He also plays the jaw harp and the didgeridoo.

Rob Rurka

Rob Rurka attributes much of his passion for playing to a music teacher at a community college in Arizona where as a young adult, he took a music theory class that changed his life. After some time playing in a travelling band in the Southwest, and working in the medical field, he yearned for a simpler life. So, he moved to Seldovia, built a log cabin in the woods, and never looked back. It’s no wonder that he himself has become the most prolific and trusted music teacher in Seldovia. A gifted performer and teacher, he has been responsible for introducing a generation of young Seldovians to theory, performance, and the joy of music. He directed the local school band for several years and is a musical mentor for many throughout the community of Seldovia. He has performed in locations across the southwest, throughout Alaska, and regularly entertains locals at venues here in Seldovia.

2018 Program Schedule

Thursday, June 21st -

The festivities begin with the performers boarding the Seldovia Bay Ferry in Homer at 11:00 am for a forty-five minute ride to Seldovia. This will be a great opportunity for the performers to greet and jam their favorite tunes while getting into the Festival spirit and enjoying the breathtaking views!

There is an open “Meet and Greet” at 5 pm held at the Linwood Bar and Grill where folks can catch an early dinner and meet the performers before attending the very popular “Open Mic” at Susan B. English School at 8 pm. Community members and visitors alike are encouraged to sign up between 7:30 and 8 pm to share a song, poem, story, or join in with everyone. This is always a fun and often surprising opportunity to have a moment of stardom!!

Also beginning this day is the arrival of our artists who are participating in the 5th annual “Higgy’s En Plein Air” that will continue concurrently with the music festival. So when there isn’t something musical going on, check out the guest artists and their impressions of our lovely town!

Friday, June 22nd-

For the fourth year we are hosting the very popular “busking” event where the community can enjoy short samplers from many of the performers of what’s to come at the Friday and Saturday evening concerts! There will be several places throughout town that will host the performers during the day. Depending on the weather, they may find themselves on a sunny deck, in a restaurant, or playing at our new harbor pavilion. The schedule will be posted for all to enjoy.

The main stage concerts begin at 6:15 pm at the Susan B. English School on Friday and Saturday evenings with the headliners performing each evening and the other groups playing one night or the other. Check out the website or posters for the performance schedule as the event draws nearer.

Main Stage Performances:
6:30 p.m.Rob Rurka
6:45 p.m.The Pepper Shakers
7:15 p.m.Goats with Headlamps
7:45 p.m.Reggie Garrett & The SnakeOil Peddlers
8:45 p.m.Intermission
9:05 p.m.Daryl & The Scribs
9:35 p.m.Resonant Rogues

Saturday, June 23rd-

Our very popular Yoga hour at 8:30 am at the Sea Otter Community Center will pep up your Saturday followed by the favorite Song Circle with our musicians jamming and sharing tunes over coffee and breakfast at the Boardwalk Hotel deck at 10 am. All are welcome to come and listen.

Saturday afternoon from 1-4:00 pm is a favorite with the performers holding WORKSHOPS for all ages and is open to the community members as well as festival attendees. There will be several choices offered each hour including “how-to” compose, teach, play, tune, drum, or sing. Pick and choose whatever looks fun and see how the artists inspire the love of their talents!

In between all the happenings, there will be a chance to browse the shops, watch the boats come and go, or take a short walk or hike along our beaches or Otterbahn Trail which is accessed next to the school.
Don’t forget to periodically checkout how our visiting artists with “Higgy’s En Plein Air” are doing creating their masterpieces throughout the town!

At 4:00 pm there will be a dinner for the performers in the school cafeteria with just enough time to get ready for the final concert starting at 6:15 pm. There will be an intermission each eve where you can support the Seldovia Arts’ Council’s special fund by purchasing a yummy dessert or scooping up CDs of your favorite performers!

Main Stage Performances:
6:30 p.m.Mossy Raven
6:45 p.m.Recess Duty
7:15 p.m.Garret Mayer
7:45 p.m.Resonant Rogues
8:45 p.m.Intermission
9:05 p.m.Reggie Garrett & The SnakeOil Peddlers
10:05 p.m.Collaboration

Sunday, June 24th-

Sadly, Sunday brings a close to a very busy weekend, but not before you get to enjoy “Higgy’s En Plein Air” artists’ paintings and other works. There will be a silent auction of their work from 1:30-3:30 pm at the Seldovia Gateway Pavilion overlooking the harbor.

There is just enough time to grab your personal belongings and an ice cream cone before saying good-bye to new and old friends and a memorable weekend of fun, music, and fond memories from a very special place by the sea!

Tickets at the door:

Festival Pass:
Adults - $49.00
Teens -  $16.00

Children under 12 - FREE

Single night performance - 
Teens - $ 8.00

Facebook:  Seldovia Summer Solstice Music Festival,
or call (907)-202-2740.

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